Attack of the Retro Sunglasses

If you must know…I love wearing sunglasses. Always have and always will. I don’t know where it started. But, I do know they not only offer style benefits, they also offer protection for your eyes. You will hear me say that over and over and over. And with all of the current trends from the 80’s and 90’s, you had to know that the sunglasses were going to get in on it. I saw a few of these retro styles at Torrid the other day and couldn’t help but try them on. Unfortunately, they didn’t really fit the shape of my face. That sucks! All I can do is look at you enjoy these retro style sunglasses. No fair.

Will you be rocking retro sunglasses this summer? 

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  • safire

    I tried a few pairs of retro sunglasses on and my boyfriend was not a fan. I think you need a certain style to pull it off 🙂

  • DonnyLB

    I totally did the retro sunglasses look. But I do kinda feel it's going a bit overboard…or maybe that's cause everyone on Tumblr reblogs people wearing them all day lol

  • Cutelildreamer

    I need to venture out in the sunglasses world…I stick yo my black shades

  • socialitedreams

    yup, bought a super cute pair of cat eye glasses to rock often! totally 50's and just have to keep them away from my mom who keeps stealing them lol

    here they are

    retro glasses