Wishful ‘Spring Outfit’ Thinking

I really wish it wasn’t raining today. Yes, I said it. I know I said I love the rain in the past, but after a leak in the roof caused damage to my closet (the consequence of living on the top floor), I am reconsidering the love. Thank goodness nothing was damaged. My clothes, shoes, and handbags are safe and sound. We caught the leak just in time. So, now I sit here wishing I could wear an outfit like the one below. Instead, I think I’m pulling out my Uggs.

  • Joy

    Nice choices! Totally understand, I had leaks right above my bed because I live in an old house. *Sigh* I had to move it over a couple of feet to keep dry. Glad to hear your stuff didn't get damaged and hope ya get the leak fixed.


    Mounds of Joy

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    Super cute and summery chic, I can so imagine this on you 🙂

  • Jeniese

    OhhhI I love that dress!!! So cute and summery!

  • Thicker Than Your Average Girl

    LOVE IT !

  • Monique

    Thanks!! I want to wear it now! lol