The Shopping Diaries: Why so many shoes?

You’re in the shoe department and you see a pair that screams your name. What do you do? Do you run and hide? Or do you gravitate toward them like you’re being pulled in by their imaginary forces? Does your brain start calculating if you can afford them?

This is what I deal with every time I see a pair of shoes I want. About 90% of the time I’ll end up buying them. But, the minute I come home I’m dreading my husband’s favorite shoe catchphrase…”Why do you need so many shoes?”
Grrrrr…that annoys me.

Of course I can think of a lot of reasons why I need more shoes. I tend to go with…”Babe, I don’t have a basic black pump! The ones I have are so old and uncomfortable!” I really do think I come up with the best answers, but he just shakes his head and walks away.

Doesn’t he understand the need to have pretty shoes on my feet? Why don’t some people realize that styles and trends change? A girl needs options. And if they are on sale and they’re cute, that’s a double bonus! I can’t pass them up.

Hopefully one day he’ll understand why I love shoes. Until then, let the shoe shopping continue…

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  • Faith J.

    I don't even have very many shoes and I get a little bit of teasing/grief from my husband if I get a new pair.

  • Julia

    I buy shoes that I don't even have anything to wear with, shoes that hurt my feet if I stand in them for more than 15 minutes. WHy, because they are too damn pretty and they are on sale. Odd thing is, my husband still has more shoes than me!

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