Fashion for the Curvy Pin-Up Girl!

Is it too late to change my fashion style? After seeing Bettie Page Clothing on the runway in Las Vegas, I want to dress up like a pin-up girl! The style is all about embracing your curves, not hiding them. Don’t you just love that?

No need worry about not being able to find these retro designs in plus sizes. I found a few below, along with two designers on Etsy who create custom pieces.

  • LeeLee

    I adore pin up style clothes! I love these!

  • Rachel

    I, too, adore pin-up vintage styles. I wish I could dress like that EVERY DAY! Great post! Wish I was there!


    Love it girl I have to post it on my page.

  • Joy

    Pin-Up never goes out of style! Stop Staring just had a killer show in LA. They too, offer full-figure friendly clothing.

    I'm a new follower and am excited to see everything you have in store. Best to you!

    Fatshionistas UNITE. Follow me, and I'll follow you. "You jump, I jump, remember?"

    Yes, yes I did pull out a Titanic quote.

    Mounds of Joy