Do you need a personalized shoe shopper?

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Buying that perfect pair of shoes can be a little stressful. When do you have time to shop? Are you always working or busy? Besides, how do you know what the hottest trend will be?

If any of this sounds like you, then maybe using an online personalized shoe shopper will help. Interested? I’ve found a few companies below that might help.

Basically, you tell them what your personal style is, pay a monthly fee, and they send you shoes based on your style. Keep in mind each company is a little different and the monthly fees vary. I’ve been interested in joining, but I’m a “gotta try on every shoe” kinda girl.

Have you used any of these companies below? Would you recommend them to your fellow shoe lovers?

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  • Goody

    i am familiar with the top three and have purchased shoes and accessories from #2 & #3 and overall been satisfied with my purchases

    while i think that their personal shopping profiles are flawed, i think that they are a good business model.

    women love shoes and so any vehicle to expose us to more options is always a plus.

  • socialitedreams

    i like shoedazzle so far, haven't tried the rest 🙂

  • Cid Style File

    I'm with you, I need to try on shoes before I buy. Last time I ordered shoes online I returned them all. Plus I like the thrill of the hunt for the perfect shoes. But if you don't have time you can use those services, plus I think they offer free returns on some of them. I haven't to try any of them, so will see.

  • Jeniese

    I love Sole Society. They have had a good quality shoe, and the styles are great!

  • beautyspies

    Love Love Love Sole Society. The quality of the shoes are amazing and the best part is they have a cancel button on the site so I don't have to call. I have bought two pair so far. If you use SS10 by the end of March you will get a 10 dllr discount. Here is my invite link if you want to sign up.