City Chic Denim Review

The denim curiosity started in Las Vegas. From the moment I saw model Fluvia Lacerda in a pair of City Chic jeans, I knew I had to try them out. She has amazing curves and these jeans hugged her in all the right places.

And since skinny jeans are all the rage, I wanted to do something a little different by picking the Lace Up Wide Leg Jean ($58). I think this my might be my new favorite cut.

I do have a high waist, so low rise jeans are not for me. For some reason, I thought these were higher waisted, but they actually sit a little bit below my belly button. That’s not ideal for my shape.

One of my favorite features is the dark wash of the jeans. This makes it so versatile and easy to dress up. Because of the stretch in the denim, these jeans are also very comfortable.

The length of the jean was perfect for my height (5’6), while wearing my new heels. But, I do warn that the hem will probably drag with a flat shoe. I haven’t had a chance to wash them yet, so I can tell you if they shrink or not. When I do, I’ll post that as an update here and on my Facebook page.

Take a look at the pics below. This is after wearing them all day, so they keep their shape. They didn’t start to sag, which a problem I normally have with jeans. Because of this one pair, I am very interested in trying another cut. Hmmm…skinny or bootcut?

Do you own a pair of City Chic jeans? Do you love or hate them?

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this review. Although, this item was gifted, the above is my true and honest opinion.

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    😀 nice!!! those jeans are hot! thanks for a great review.


    Thanks for this review, my jeans always sag when I wear them, so I'm forever searching for a pair that keeps it shape. I may have to try these, although I'm on a bit of a spending freeze right now!

  • Anonymous

    I have a pair of city chic jeans… I really loved them at first, but they did stretch quite badly after a few wears… I can't wear them any more. I recommend getting the smallest size you can get on as they do stretch quite a lot. I couldn't fit the next size down when I bought them… But, I do own a lot of city chic clothing, which I totally love… mostly dresses.

  • Em. x.

    I love the High Waisted jeans. I swear by them, as they are comfy and keep a nice silhouette. I agree that these jeans have a built-in stretch, so buying them a little tight is better than buying them loose. I always seem to do okay with an 18. Throwing these jeans in the dryer is also okay… they get a bit clingy on first wear, but retain excellent shape.

  • Anonymous

    I have two pair of City Chic Jeans .. Boot Leg and Wide Leg. Love them both. The biggest drama I have before I go out is which pair to wear. I have so many comments and I proudly say 'Got them at City Chic". I did get a size smaller than I usually wear thanks to the great girls advice at the Rockhampton store.

  • Anonymous

    I've tried many different pairs of City Chic jeans, and I've found with every one of them that they sag very quickly, especially across the bum and the knees, they fade desperately, and they wear through on the inside of the thighs within only a few wears. They start great, absolutely, they give a beautiful shape, but they will lose all of that.
    The only way to avoid SOME, and by 'some' I mean 'very little,' of this drama, is to the buy the size down, even if they're uncomfortable, wear them around the house, and let them stretch out – which they always do.

  • Moe

    Cute jeans. I love the details on the pockets and band.

  • Anonymous

    I love city chic jeans! & since I discovered them I dont wear my other brands including Colorado & Sussan (never heard of city chic until about a year ago) My only grip is one size 14 doesnt match another 14. They should be created equal.
    Never had a problem with fading or sagging. Only a couple of diamontes have fallen of the back pockets but hey I expected that.


    Cute. I will have to try city chic. Thanks for the info. Nekiah