Can curvy girls wear crop tops?

Of all the current fashion trends, this is one I do not look forward to. I don’t care if it’s on straight or a plus size girl, I’m not a fan. The dreaded crop top is making a come back. I don’t know why, but I guess belly baring is not just for teens anymore.

This Abby Cropped V-Neck from Alloy is currently sold out. What does that tell us?

I’ve have seen some fashionistas wearing crop tops with short shorts on a few of the “street style” blogs, of course they are all skinny minnies. I haven’t seen any curvy girls wearing this daring trend.

Would you care if they did? I’m a true believer in being confident no matter what you wear.

So, I want to know what you think. Can curvy girls wear crop tops? Take the anonymous poll below.

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  • Shade’ ♡

    Like the post! Interesting.


  • Lauren

    I am NOT excited about this trend entering popular fashion (for anyone of any size). I think it should be reserved for the runway and the beach – No exceptions

  • Hell Notes for Beauty™

    I'm so happy because I have been meaning to bare my belly. I think it would look great with a long flowy skirt as opposed to tight pants. I understand some just can't pull it off, but for those who can, go for it.

  • JazmineKariss

    I think they cute and can, or should be worn with a cami underneath 🙂


    The only way i use it is with a cami underneath. Xoxo

  • Taisha

    Hey if you're not afraid to bare it share it! I wouldn't show my tummy even if it were flat though it's just not my style. Great blog!

  • Red

    I've never liked this trend. Even when I was younger and had the slim, flat belly for it I didn't like it. It's ok for at the beach to toss over your swim suit but in general, unless worn over a long tank, I think it's not a very good look on anybody regardless of their size/shape. But that's just me.

  • Literal Gemini

    I have to agree with some of the other comments, reserve it for the beach or over a cami. For some reason it seems really childish. and even with a flat belly, it can seem kind of baring… I dont think I am looking forward to this trend either.


    I've seen a picture of Jay from where she is wearing a somewhat crop top.. maybe just a short top, but I don't think the picture fully shows her stomach, just hints at it. I think it's on her tumblr and not her blog.

    I would never wear this without a tank underneath, but I do wonder if it's that far of a cry away from fatshionistas wearing see through mesh tops with bras underneath. Their stomachs are exposed there as well, and I've seen some ladies pull it off.

    Hmm, lots to think about. I definitely won't be participating in it though, but I'm such a prude :).

  • Tanesha Awasthi

    I'd totally wear this look, but re-vamped a bit! Instead of a crop-top I'd go for a cut-out dress like the one's seen on the red carpet lately. (My hunt for a curve-friendly one starts now!)

  • Eli

    I haven't worn a crop top like the one pictured, but I have tied a shirt a few inches above my natural waist, and had on a skirt a little bit below my natural waist. Not too much skin showing, and it was cute and summery.

    No belly showing, but a little bit of torso.

  • Hi, my name is makie :)

    Definitely an interesting article. I just bought a crop top and was wondering if I should wear it. I'll definitely give it a try now.

  • Ragini

    I did!

  • J

    I'm unpredictably and spontaneously a big fan of women of most sizes and ages (pref. under 60) to wear crop tops. They just look soooo alluring seductive and beautiful. Especially if they are wearing naval jewelry with low-rise leggings, pants or jeans.

  • Ellyn

    When I was in college back in the early 80s, I was tall (5'9") and in shape with a flat belly. I'd wear the crop top/athletic shirt that football players practice in, along with Dolphin shorts (remember those?) That was the style back then, especially for gym rats like me.
    Now that I'm older, and quite a bit plumper, I wouldn't wear it. But I still love the look! If I still had the body and abs to pull it off at 50, would I? Hmmmmm…. 😀