ASOS Wish List

It simply is not fair. Why does the ASOS Curve line continue to tempt me? Their clothes are right up my alley; simply chic.

And why don’t they just hurry up and open a store in Los Angeles already? I know I sound like a broken record, but I…I mean “We” need them out here.

Not only are they killing me with the pieces below, but the the colors are calling my name. Sigh…

Being on a budget sucks! I can’t wait until these bad boys go on clearance. Here’s to wishful thinking…

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  • socialitedreams

    asos is THE DEVIL!!! omg, i want everything on that site and it tempts me way too much :weeping: i want it all!!!! that dress with the cut out shoulders is so fly…loooooove the blush jacket…omg, want!


  • Melissa *Suger Coat It*

    I couldn't agree more. I am afraid to start shopping online out of fear I may never stop. Sigh. I adore the first blue dress and so many others!!