What I’d Wear to the Oscar’s

If you’re like most fashionista’s, then you can’t wait for tonight’s red carpet arrivals at the award show of the season, The Academy Awards. Also known as “The Oscar’s,” this is the king of all red carpets.

The only celeb I’m looking forward to is Christina Hendricks. I love how she rocks her curves! But, besides that, I always look forward to what the trend will be on the red carpet.

If I was going, I’d die to represent in this Alexander McQueen Kimono Gown, but with the $8,655 price tag, it seems very unrealistic. That and it doesn’t come in my size. So, I stick with what I know. Gowns that are available in a wide variety of sizes.

I will admit, I’ve never worn or tried anything from eDressMe, but I am curious. All the gowns below are available up to a size 24 and they do have a plus size selection. 

If anyone has ever used them, I’d love to hear alllllll about it. I’d def consider any of the gowns below, why not add some color or sparkle?

What do you think? What would you rock for your Oscar look?

  • Eclectic Thrifty Chic

    of all the plus sizes that Ive seen online, I like this dress from igigi the best.. the right accessories could make it fabulous! http://www.igigi.com/plus-size-wedding/sabina-gown.html


  • Thicker Than Your Average Girl

    Am with you on that Kimono style dress its so stunning !

  • Monique

    Isn't is so gorgeous! Oh and Pam…I'll def check out that dress! 🙂

  • Caroline

    Love the Kimono. I like you have a taste for the finer things so I end up finding a dress that fits and splurging on something like an Alexander McQueen handbag to go with it. (Just an example)

    As for eDressMe, I have never ordered from them, but I did purchase a gorgeous gown at a boutique that I later saw on their site. Because of that, I don't think I would hesitate if I needed that special something.

    Caroline http://www.beauty-full.net

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    Oooo, me like. 🙂 the first black dress is dramatic and fun, love it, but also LOVE the last pink dress, SO CUTE! 😀