Crystal Renn speaks…again…about her weight loss

Ex-plus model Crystal Renn, in an exclusive video interview via the Ford Models Blog, speaks up again about the issue of her recent weight loss.

“For some a thinner Crystal Renn has meant betrayal of the very foundations upon which she built her career as the most famous plus model in the world. On the face of it, these accusations appear founded, but do not hold up when subjected to further scrutiny. Lost in the discussion has been Crystal’s steady call for greater diversity in fashion and especially as it concerns size.” -Ford Models Blog

Check out the video…

In the interview, Crystal states that if she were to go back up to her plus-size model weight she would have to develop a binge eating disorder.

“Crystal is an incredible model no matter her size and should be celebrated as such. I am not sure this will be the final word on the issue, but so far as this page is concerned this Crystal Renn interview draws a line under it.” -Ford Models Blog

I think she’s a beautiful woman and an amazing model. Can you leave it at just that? Do you not care anymore? Or do you feel “betrayed?”

  • Return to Sender

    Who cares! I wish she'd just shut up about it lol

  • Gazel M.

    I don't care and never did.

  • Cid Style File

    I agree, Renn is a great model, but honestly she is not thee only model. I personally don't care if she lost weight and is now not a "plus model". Hey more room for other girls. Good for her for living her dream. I never really saw her as "plus size" any way! Eh! NEXT!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't see why people are giving her a hard time. If she wanted to get in shape and feel good about herself more power to her.

  • Teer Wayde

    I agree she is amazing, lets just accept and appreciate that!

  • Monique

    I agree she is an amazing model and I wish there were just "models" and no straight/plus sizes. But we know that's not going to happen. I'm happy if she's happy.

  • Marion

    I don't feel betrayed because it's her body and she is supposed to do what she wants with it! She looks healthy and happy and this is what is important !
    Marion from France

  • micaela

    At first I felt betrayed because I did look up to her as a model. I remember seeing her on Torrid ads when she was about a size 16 and I thought, why can't all plus models "model" like her. But now I am at piece with it. It's her career and her life, and just as we would all want the ability to do as we please in life so should she. I would rather we all just drop the labels and call models what they are, which is just models. But I guess that's too much to ask for in this modeling industry.

    But side note, miss you Monique!