Torrid has a Maternity Line?

Yes, like you, I had no idea Torrid carried maternity clothes. Most of the pieces are “internet exclusives” and very basic pieces. Have you actually seen any of these pieces in the store? And if or when you’re pregnant, can you see yourself shopping for your maternity clothes at Torrid?

  • Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl

    I noticed this the other day too! Not anything to get excited about…I guess I could see myself buying this stuff for lying around the house when I am preggers. But what the heck will I wear outside of the house LOL!

  • Elizabeth a.k.a Liz

    Wow! That is VERY cool! If I evevr decide to have another one…Ill definitely wear Torids Maternity Clothes! Thats a BIG "IF" though. LOL!

  • Moe

    Sure, why not. It's convenient if you already shop there. I think every plus size store should at least have maternity basics.

  • Jayka!

    good looking out! i had no clue.