Spring Trends: Floral Prints

Old Navy, Forever 21, Forever 21


Floral prints for spring are a no brainer. I love a flowy skirt, billowy blouse, or flirty dress with this print. I know most of the country is STILL covered in snow, but let’s just close our eyes for a second. Imagine yourself taking a walk in the park wearing one of the skirts below with a tank top and sandals.

Now that I’ve got you dreaming of spring, would you wear any of these floral prints?

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  • thefashionsideofme

    I'm going crazy!! I wanna wearing dresses, dresses and dresses but there's too cold, really I can't… I could die 😀
    I wanna hotter!!!!!

    ps. I like the light blue dress on the left!

  • princessvalecia

    I love that dress at the top in the middle. I have never been a floral girl but hey, it doesn't hurt to start!