The Shopping Diaries: No Excuses Needed

Don’t you hate having to justify things you’ve purchased? I can’t help it that this pair of shoes (below) just had to be mine! They were literally saying my name as I walked past them. OK, maybe not, but once I picked them up I couldn’t put them down.

And since I was already returning a few items, I could use that money to buy the shoes. In fact, there was even some money left over from my returns. I mean, they were only $39.99!

What you’re reading now is what I told my husband as I plead my case on why I had to buy these shoes. Don’t worry, it worked out in my favor. I brought out the whole “Do you know how much you spend on your video games?” That always works when I try and reverse the guilt.

There should be no need to justify such beautiful pink peep-toe sling back platform pumps from Guess. If I really want to dig deep down inside and get all therapist on you; I could say I probably feel this way due to guilt. Guilt from not being employed full time? Whatever it is, I don’t like doing it.

From now on, if I like something I buy. At a reasonable price of course and there’s no more excuses. That’s it. The end. Finito.

  • ~Rachel~

    Ha, I love it! Those shoes are completely timeless and fabulous…totally justifiable.

    My husband "collects" snowblowers (I know, kinda strange) but I use it against him all the time when I need to explain a shopping spree. 🙂

  • Cid Style File

    Omg I saw those shoes yesterday @ Marshalls & thought they were so cute! I even considered buying them since I don't have a pair of nude shoes. But I resisted, should I go back & buy them so we can be twins? LOL

  • Jeniese

    OMG! Those shoes are amazing!!! No excuse needed!

  • Thicker Than Your Average Girl

    Oh those are fabulous shoes I wouldn't of let them go ether ! I dont have a husband but I have my mom and grandma who constantly Nag me about my shopping last I check Its my hard working money =]