Unique Evening Bags?

After Saturday night’s Snowball event, I realized I don’t have a proper evening bag. With the holidays here, I need something that will be easy to carry, big enough for my cell phone, I.D., money, my compact, and my lip stick. I also want something that is unique. That brings us to this post. I love “unique” items, although I never have the guts to pull anything like it off. As I was searching today, I found a few “unique” evening bags that I’d love to share with you. Honest opinions please…would you carry any of these to your next holiday party?

  • Fatso

    If I could afford it, I would ABSOLUTELY buy and use that clamshell bag – third one – because I think it's STUNNING.

  • Red

    I like the present box wristlet, I think it'd be cute for the holidays. I'm not feeling the rest of them though. And honestly cute as I do think the present box one is, I'm not much a fan of "seasonal" items that are going to sit around untouched for most of the year so I probably would not even bother to buy that one either. But if I had to that would be my pick. =)

  • Mary Contrary

    I love the fringe heart! I don't think that pushes the envelope too much, either. I'd be comfortable carrying it.

  • thomessa

    I really like the heart and the owl bag. They are different but not completely foreign.

  • Allie O’Bannon

    I would totally carry the owl handbag! For sure.

  • Raznay

    I know accessories with fringe accents are "so hot right now" however, I'm just not a fan.

    The unique bags are definitely designed for comments…

    Personally I'm not feeling them. I agree with Red regarding the Gift Box bag. It's adorable and I think it would work during any season. After all, it doesn't have to be Christmas to send/receive gifts 😉

  • Moe

    The first and last one are my favorite. What is with the owl pretty much everywhere? Who started it? I love it.

  • Marla

    The owl bag!!!! I am so in love with it!!!