The Shopping Diaries: Last Minute Shopper

With only three days left until New Year’s Eve, I’ve been on the hunt for something to wear. I’ve purchased and returned like a mad woman. I’ve had a dress for a while that I was going to wear, but I tried it on the other night and it just didn’t look right. So, I headed out Sunday looking for an outfit. Isn’t that the story of my shopping life? I’m a last minute shopper.

Is being a last minute shopper smart? Yes and no.

Yes, because you’re forced to find something. No, because your choices are limited and you’re forced to find something. Now, try last minute shopping at malls that aren’t very curve-friendly and already ransacked. Over the last few days I’ve been looking over barely there racks. And when I did see something I like, they didn’t have it in my size. Ohhhhh…the drama.

But, low-and-behold I walk into Forever 21 today. It was the last store, before I gave up for the day. I’ve always been a fan of them, I just don’t know why I waited so long to look there! Of course, I fall for the first dress I see; the One Shoulder Glam Dress (below).

It sparkles more in person, I can’t wait to wear it! Now, I just have to find accessories for it. The shopping is never done!! I am thinking about wearing black opaque tights and black booties. Or should I go with black sequin pumps?

  • ofarealy

    I seen that dress on the site and it looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics of you in it (LOL, that sounded totally creeper status, but you know what I meant)

  • Jenny Allen

    The dress is fab! Accessories? Forever 21 has oodles of those, too –cheap. I just snagged the most outrageous bling bow ring for $8!

  • Adrienne Rice

    Ooohhh I love-good pick! I love Forever 21s plus line, trendy and affordable.


  • Bethamint

    Gorgeous find – well done Monique!

    The thing I hate the most about last minute party dress shopping is that a lot of times I'll find dresses when I don't have a party to go to and people will say "when are you going to wear that?" so now I always buy a dress if I love it even if there's no party coming up because someday it will save me from a headache when there is a party – lol!

  • Stiletto Siren

    CAUTE!!! Go with the sequin pumps its NYE after all!

  • Cid Style File


  • Alexandra

    Gorgeous dress, can't wait to see it styled! I myself am a REALLY last minute shopper and won't be looking for a dress until later today or maybe even tomorrow. Oops! Luckily I don't have any SUPER fancy plans so if I don't find anything new and awesome it won't be *too* horrible. Haha. Have a great weekend!