Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey Results: Part 4

The Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey continues with part 4. This is a more in depth look at what us curvy shoppers think about the plus size fashion industry. I’d love to hear what you think about the results below.

In your honest opinion, name ONLY ONE clothing manufacturer that you think knows the plus-size woman’s body.

  1. Torrid
  2. Target
  3. Lane Bryant
  4. ASOS Curve
  5. Evans

In your honest opinion, name ONLY ONE plus-size clothing manufacturer that you think needs improvement in their plus sizes.

  1. Lane Bryant
  2. H&M
  3. Forever 21
  4. Old Navy
  5. Torrid

If there was one thing you could recommend to clothing designers about plus-size clothing, what would it be?

“We want to stand out because of our vibrant personalities and confidence, not by wearing clothes that don’t follow the current trend. Plus-sized does not mean minus-style. A size 12 or 14 model who is 5″10 is not the average plus-sized woman; carry a broader range of petite.”

“Remember, just like regular sized women, not all plus-sized women are shaped the same way.”

“We love trendy clothing too and great fit! Some plus women have a SHAPE, we are CURVY. Please make more tops and dresses fitted slightly more in top area with more generous stretch to hip areas. WE NEED MORE AFFORDABLE VARIETY OF WIDE WIDTH SHOES. FULL FIGURE GALS LOVE TRENDS TOO!ALSO, USE MORE REAL PLUS SIZE GALS IN ADS!!!”

“We love fashion too, keep that in mind when you are trying to sell us ugly floral patterns and bedazzled crap. We want everything the skinny girls can wear but in OUR sizes, its that simple.”

“That plus size women have just as many shape variations as non plus size women and need a variety of choices too. So many times designers assume that plus size women carry weight in just the hips, or just the bust, etc. It varies.”

“Don’t be afraid to use a real plus size woman in the clothing ads or online shops. It is much more helpful for shoppers to actually see what a piece of fabric looks like when it hits a curve or even a roll 😉 and allows us to judge if it is in fact good for our own body type. This to me would be logical for both ends, as I will know it will look good and will order it, therefore lessening the amount of returns to your company. The world is ready to see big women, let them be seen!”

*If you’re a retailer and would like a more complete list of customer requests like the ones above, please contact me.

If you wear wide shoe sizes, name ONE retailer or manufacturer that you feel has the best selection.

  1. Payless
  2. Evans
  3. Torrid
  4. Avenue
  5. Zappos

Name a retailer or designer you wish made plus-size clothing.

  1. Armani Exchange
  2. Anthropologie
  3. Marc Jacobs
  4. Top Shop
  5. H&M

  • Irresistible♥Icing

    What awesome feedback!

  • Glen L Johnson

    Great feedback. The point merchants should pay attention to is that the curvy girl can't be sized out she needs specific clothes to fit her unique body type. Business that get it will be successful. Those that don't will fail.

  • Crystal

    Although I am a plus size designer, I am glad to read that someone is listening to their inner voice and speaking out against what industry perceives as plus size and what plus size really is!
    I am a plus size gal and I am shocked at the what THEY feel we want to wear. I wish that we could find a middle ground to this clothing madness. Its either too trashy looking or too grandmas closet…dont get me wrong, some days I feel sexy, but I don't want to look like a street walker on Hollywood Blvd, and when I don't feel like dressing up, and I never ever want to look like grandma gave me her clothing!
    I suggest everyone take a sewing class and start making your own… this will teach the Plus Size industry!

  • Anonymous

    Patagonia. I want patagonia to create more plus size selections. I'm seriously outdoorsy and have a hard time finding technical clothing in plus sizes.