Fancy Flats

Unlike most of you fashionistas out there, I cant always wear a stunning 5-inch high heel. Sometimes, I need to wear flats. I blame it on 5 years of wearing military combat boots. So, when I want to dress up and I know I’m going to doing a lot of walking, I want a shoe that will still stand out. Especially with the holidays coming up. How about a few fancy embellished flats, all under $69.95? Click on the shoe for retail info.

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  • Thicker Than Your Average Girl

    oh those are cute Am a flats kinda girl too

  • Gabi

    I love a fabulous flat! These are great picks:)

  • JaNelle

    I need some cut flats. I am only 5"3 but not always inclined to wear heels. But flats aren't always my friend. I think I need to change the style of pants/jeans I wear with flats; most times my legs look stumpy, but maybe it's my jeans/pants.

  • Bethamint

    Yay! A fellow flats addict. I can't cope with heels at all, lol. I love all of these…

  • Mary Contrary

    I have been seriously eyeing those pewter flats with the bow from forever 21.

  • Cid Style File

    Very nice! I have been looking for some nice "fancy" flat as alternative to heels for the holidays. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  • Monique

    Aren't they cute? I want them all!!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Ever since I broke my leg in 3 places and tore my ACL (at the same time) last year I have not been able to wear heels.