Curves and Chaos 2010 Survey Results: Part 2

What do you take into consideration FIRST when purchasing clothing?

Price 43%
Fit 32%
Style 23%
Designer Label 0%
Other 2%

When viewing plus-size retailer’s/designers advertisements, what makes you want to shop with them?

The models they use. 6%
The way the clothes fit on the models. 29%
Their use of “real” women in ads. 23%
The sale or promotion in the ad. 15%
Ads don’t affect me. 26%

Name the #1 reason you continue to shop at your favorite retailer?

The staff. 1%
The availability of stock and sizes. 39%
Their prices. 34%
The quality of the merchandise. 21%
Other 4

How important is it that a retailers staff make you feel comfortable and welcome?
Very Important 54%
Somewhat Important 37%
Not Important 3%
Don’t care either way. 5%

When shopping , what is the ONE MAJOR problem you find in plus-size clothing?

Overall fit 10%
Too tight in chest area. 6%
Too loose in chest area. 4%
Length of pants or dresses are too short. 4%
Length of pants or dresses are too long. 4%
Sizes runs too big for you. 0%
Size run too small for you. 2%
Sleeves are too tight around your upper arms. 8%
The waist area fits awkwardly 11%
I don’t have any problems. 1%
Not trendy enough. 43%
Too trendy. 0%
Other 5%