5 Questions: Griselangel Paula

I love this 5 Questions feature. Meet model Griselangel Paula!

IMG_0118 editGriselangel Paula
New York, NY
Modeling Agecies : Model Service / Briggite Models / Y Models
Website: www.griselangel.com

Q: What does being a “curvy” model mean to you?

To me being curvy means being confident. When a curvy model walks into a room, people notice. She demands attention, because she is gorgeous and because clothes hug her curves so beautifully. There is nothing nicer than seeing an advertisement and see that a model fits into the clothes, it makes we want to buy the garment, because I know I will fit it too. As a model I have the chance to inspire, I love being in my own skin, I want to promote that message: curvy is sexy.

Q: What or whom inspires you the most?

Hard working people. Like most people I have been at cross roads in my life and Ive wanted to give up, but those around me never quit, they motivate me, and I keep going. It’s important to figure out who you are and what you are meant to do, you can’t do that in front of a TV screen all day long and you definitely can’t wait on life to come knocking on your door.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop?

I swear this changes every day for me, I am honestly the type of girl that goes to mall and just pops her head in EVERY SINGLE store trying to find those perfect eye catching items.

Q: What is your fashion “weakness?”

Over-sized purses. I carry everything with me, because I seem to suffer from the “what if I need it?” syndrome. Therefore, when I see over-sized purse that I like, I cannot say no.

Q: What advice would you give to any new or aspiring “curvy” models?

Testing for new pictures makes all the difference. I started developing my book thanks to model mayhem. The pictures where with amateur photographers but I too was an amateur model, and even though those images are no longer in my book, it helped me learn how to command a shoot, how to move, and which angles were more flattering.


  • jeannette arrowood

    ahhh!! i love grisssy!!! 🙂
    thank you for your inspiring words mama. you're keepin me working hard today! 😀

  • Jayka!

    Oh my gosh I think I just feel in love with a woman. What a beautiful lady!