My New Boots…Boots!

I know you may all be tired of hearing about the Viva Fat Vegas conference, but I’m kinda bored waiting for my hubby to get home. And I just wanted to share the boots I picked up while I was there. I got these amazing faux leather boots at Torrid. Unfortunately, it’s been too hot to wear them. But, as soon as it cools down, you’ll see an outfit post. Promise!

  • Anika Sweetfaced Style – Self Worth Activist

    fab! look forward to seing how you work them!

  • vonnie

    i admired those boots online, they are nice!

  • Case

    I have been eyeing these boots online for quite some time! How do they fit in the calves? I'm afraid they'll be too small, but they're so cute!

  • Weesha

    oooooh, hot boots!

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