I love you…but I can’t afford you.

There comes a time in our life, where we realize that our love for shoes will sometimes break our hearts. Like these amazingly beautiful Christian Louboutin’s. They are $1,375; more than what most of you pay for rent. That’s where the broken heart comes in. There’s no way I can afford these delicious luxurious suede delights. I guess it’s time to find a replica pair.

  • Christina

    So gorgeous!! I have a huge love for Louboutins but have settled to only loving them from afar and in my dreams! XD

  • Happiegolucky

    Am with you I would find a replica pair 😉

  • Catherine

    The red pair is making me cry…my newborn son has taken my shoe budget…

  • Diana


  • Hilaloeya

    Omg I LOVEEEEE them! Maybe you can found them a bit cheaper on the net! love your blog!
    come follow me I will follow back!