Bank Breaker V$. Bargain: Leopard Print Tote

As you can tell, my brain never stops thinking about fashion! I’ve been craving a leopard print tote…bad! You’d really be surprised at the amount of super ridiculously expensive leopard print designer bags there are out there. As I was researching, I found some in the thousands! This M Z Wallace ‘Grace’ Tote is $425 at Nordstrom; not too bad compared to some of the others, but it’s still a “Bank Breaker” for me!

Now, take a look at the ‘SCHMUTZLER’ handbag from Aldo, which is on sale for $27.98! That’s a lot better for my budget! I think I’m ordering this bad boy!

What about you? Are you craving a leopard print tote?

  • thefashionsideofme

    awwww LEOPARD, I LOVE YOU!
    woooo i like the second bag, i'm with you, BUY IT 😀

  • Alexandra

    HOT bag! I need a new one so badly, but I feel like I'm just spending all my money as soon as I make it! Maybe soon, I can never stay away for too long 😉

  • Moe

    Leopard is so hot. If you really spend time looking at the bags you can notice the differences: the more expensive one has a better print. But since no one is walking around with both of them there is definitely nothing wrong going budget wise. It's an awesome looking bag.