Faux Fur? Yes or No?

Do you wear faux/fake fur? Faux fur is made from synthetic materials and not our furry friends. I’ve never worn the real stuff and I think I have one puffy vest with a faux fur trimmed hood. But that’s it. Even Chanel has gotten in on the faux fur trend for fall/winter. I’ve kind of had my eye on boots with the faux fur trim, but that’s still debatable because it doesn’t get that cold in L.A. What do you think?

Are you a faux fur kind of girl?

  • vonnie

    It would have to be really soft faux fur, not the tacky weird feeling stuff. I love fur anything and in these Chicago winters, it's much appreciated

    I'm in LOVE with a faux fur jacket from Asos that I will have to buy when I get back from New York


  • Mavy

    I think it can be divine as long the fur isn't overpowering. Plus, it gotta be the soft faux fur. I secretly find it smokin' sometimes but I know my vegan buddy will strangle me if she ever sees me in one. *lol*

  • nicolette

    i love faux fur, but i think most of these are excessive… i like it on the classics, like a simple faux fur jacket, coat, or vest.

  • NikStar

    I wore a faux fur scarf at a photoshoot and now I'm interested. But I have to have it in small doses…although Michael Kors does have a purple faux fur jacket that I keep eye balling at work. If only it was + lol