Fall Trends 2010: The ‘Moto’ Jacket

Bring out the bad girl this fall! Grab your leather or faux leather motorcycle jacket! I know some of you are animal friendly, besides faux leather is a lot more inexpensive. Does that still make you a bad girl? Sure! At least you’ll be a HOT looking bad girl!

OK, enough with the bad girl talk, because I really want a motorcycle (A.K.A. a “moto”) jacket. I imagine it as an essential piece to any wardrobe, kind of like a black blazer. It can be worn so many ways, with so many different pieces. That’s what it’s all about right? Getting more bang for your buck. I think I might just head over to Forever 21 tomorrow.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Lane Bryant Crinkle Moto Jacket $99.50
  2. Avenue Zipper Moto Jacket $59.90
  3. Faith 21 Weathered Faux Leather Jacket $37.80
  4. Faith 21 Metallic Moto Jacket $34.80
  5. Bloomingdales Calvin Klein Faux Leather Military Jacket $139.00
  6. Macy’s Alfani Faux Leather & Knit Zip Front $119.00
  7. Macy’s Jou Jou Faux Leather Motorcycle $64.00
  8. ASOS Curve Leather Jacket $168.50
  9. Bloomingdales KORS Michael Kors Zip Leather Jacket $395.00
  10. Evans Real Leather Biker Jacket £149.50
  11. Nordstroms Guess Distressed Faux Leather Moto Jacket $98.00
  12. Simply Be Mock Croc PU Biker Jacket $96.00
  13. Kohls Say What? Studded Motorcycle Jacket $62.00

  • Jenn

    10, because then it comes in a size I can wear too :B

  • Katrin

    I lile 10 most, because of thie asymetric zipper und it is the only one with a real cool collar. I can imagin putting some button and pins on it 😀
    But 3 is also nice, I like the color, really much!

  • Jill

    this is definitely not a trend for me but an essential part of my wardrobe! i have at least 5 moto jackets 🙂

  • LivinginDomesticity

    I love these jackets and for anyone with a TJmaxx near by, they had some adorable ones in 1-3x for 29.98! I love that green one, that is my favorite color!

  • Lexy of BeautyFash

    3 and 10 are my faves!! Moto jackets are so bad-girl chic! Can't wait to try this look!

  • Irresistible♥Icing

    Love 2 and 3!

  • Tannis Lorena

    love 3 but i don't think i'd like it being so short. i love my tops to be long!! but 10 looks amazing and 7 looks like i could totally wear it and be comfy!

  • Mo Diva

    dude, bless your heart for posting links. i just bought number 3! WHADDUP! lol and here i thought the only thing I could rock at Forever 21 were earrings. 🙂

  • Monique

    Hey Mo! You really bought it? That's cool! I want to see pics when you wear it!

  • StephanieDJL

    I love number 10! May have to start saving…

  • Patty@NYC Girl at Heart

    #3 and #9 need to get this jacket!