Fall Trends 2010: Military

If there is ever a trend I can relate to the most, it’s definitely military fashion. Yes, my curvy friends, I did serve in the U.S. military. To this day, you will not find me wearing anything camouflage or combat boots. I wore them for five years and that’s enough for me. But, everything else in this trend is OK. If anything I love the symmetry of the buttons. Chic without overpowering your outfit. Can someone please buy me the ASOS Curve Military Knitted Cape? Please?

Will the military trend make it to your closet this fall?

  • Valerie

    So I already have #2, the Torrid jacket and I was seriously considering #3, the ASOS cape. Sadly I feel like it wouldn't be put to much use here in Arizona. People already give me weird looks when I'm wearing something I consider only slightly different. I'm not ruling it out though, and I adore it in navy.

  • Sarah

    Oh wow! That cape is amazing.

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    YAY for the military trend.:D

  • teal

    Military trends are looks awesome.Very nice dresses.These dresses are according to Fall Fashion Trends.

  • Shade’ ♡

    Great Post! I'm getting the jacket from alloy.


  • Cid Style File

    I have always loved the military look. I remember back in HS everyone wore army boots, cargo pants and bomber jackets. Oh man I am realizing the 90's looks are coming back…should have saved some of my clothes…LOL

  • nicolette

    the boots may in fact be my favorite, ever.