Elena Miro Spring 2011 – Too Real for Milan?

It was a runway of curves at Elena Miro‘s Spring 2011 show. In stunning shades of gray, her models strutted their stuff during Milan’s Fashion Week. Yet, not a part of Milan’s Fashion Week. Kind of like One Stop Plus showed in New York during New York Fashion Week, but wasn’t a part of New York Fashion Week. Actually, just like that. In fact, according to many news sources, Miro was knocked off of Milan”s Fashion Week calender.

Why is the “fashion world” so afraid of women with real curves and real bodies?

  • Moe

    I love almost everything here.

    I just don't get their hole divide and conquer attitude.

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    Love this, I guess some people dont have balls or are in denial or something that there are other human beings out there in the world that are not stick skinny. OPEN UP YOUR EYES! is all I wanna say lol. 😀