Curve Worthy Links: Do My Jeans and Chesca Now

Do My Jeans is an internationally based denim web site that will create you your own unique pair of jeans! Didn’t think that was possible for curvy girls like us? Starting at $119 you can be as creative as you want by choosing the type of waistline, the cut, the wash, the belt style, front and back pocket design, the fly, and of course the accessories. You’re pretty much the designer here!!

Do My Jeans offers pants for men or women who want to stay trendy, no matter their size size! Big, tall, large or small Do My Jeans dresses everyone, according to personal tastes. Customize your clothes by choosing the style and the dimensions.

And don’t worry about sizes either, I was told there is no limit to their sizes! So, instead of paying $200 for a pair of store bought designer jeans, that may or may not enhance your curves, you can design and create your own for less! Visit them NOW!!

Find Do My Jeans of Facebook and Twitter.

Chesca Now

Make way for another…yes another curvy girl loving plus-size fashion retailer! Yay! Chesca is located in the UK, but they ship worldwide. That makes me love them more by the way. They have just launched Chesca Now, a more contemporary, but trendy line. I love these two looks below! Their sizes range from a UK 12-24, which is a US 10-22 and consists of the Lynx, Argenti, Mosaic, Easy Rider and Mystique collections.

*Free gift – for the first 50 orders over £150 on the chesca NOW website. The gift will be Jacqui’s (the owner) choice to match your order. You can find chesca on Facebook and Twitter.