Beauty Buzz: Are You all Set?

When it comes to buying cosmetics, I’m all about the easiest and less expensive purchasing methods. That’s why I love the idea of buying your makeup in a set. Most of the time it works out better. And if you need help choosing shades and tools, it’s already done for you. You know what’s even better? Sometimes you get a free gift with purchase. Wow, this sounds great for someone like me.

What do you think? Are cosmetic sets the way to go?

  • Katrin

    I am a intuitiv buyer at make-up. I like to combine things my way so I mostly purchase single things. But if I would see something in a nice combination or set, that includes things I also buy alone, than it is really nice.

  • carly

    Sometimes I buy sets because they are usually at a discounted price and I can try more than one things from a line.

  • Cid Style File

    I tried smashbox lip glosses and blush, Love it! Haven't tried those other brands yet. I need to get some samples at Sephora!! Great colors!