$25 & Under: Standout Jewelry

In the world of shopping, I don’t think there is anything worse than falling in love with something and then finding out that it costs way more than what you can afford! Isn’t that the worse feeling? That’s why I love to research online and find items that not only standout, but are within my budget. Jewelry is one of those items I love to find for bargain prices. I hate to spend more than $25 for a piece of costume jewelry. Here are a few pieces I wouldn’t mind owning and are $25 & Under.

Where do you like to buy your bargain jewelry?

  • NJ

    Loving that necklace!!! Amazing is the only word to describe it!!!!

  • Bethamint

    ahhhhh, that clock neclace is so cool!
    I love two-finger rings too, but when I tried one on in voluptuous it was making my fingers turn purple. Damn you sausage fingers!