Why do these brands have to design and create such amazing pieces?

It’s like they are made for me and only me. Yes, that’s how I think when it comes to stuff I want. I know I shouldn’t “want” something so bad, but look at it!

I am drooling over the City Chic Urban Jungle Jean and Juicy Couture Cluster Cuff below. And you know I need that ‘Fashionista’ in a Frame necklace from ASOS. Gorgeous, right? Go ahead, you can lust after them too. It’s only right that you do.

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  • Jayka!

    i love that watch and the color of the shoes. SEXY

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    omg, love the first botties, and the orange suede bag! <3 me want, but all the tings are gorg.

  • Jeniese

    I love that sequin dress! It's amazing!!!

  • Rachel

    I'm on love with that watch! OMGosh..

  • Mo Diva

    those ankle boots are gorgie! I want!

  • Good Girl Gone Shopping

    Those are all yum!!! Especially the last pair of shoes.

  • Sabrina

    that cuff is stunning. I want it too now!