Torrid’s Halloween Look Book

Torrid unveiled their sexy Halloween look book! The scenarios are cute. Hello male models! I think I’m loving the Pirate Wench, but I’d probably make myself a dead wench. Which costume is your favorite?

  • Bellesouth

    I'm not too impressed with this year's selections. I think it all looks just like last year's offerings. Same ol' storybook stuff. The sailor costume is pretty cute though.

  • Bellesouth

    Okay, okay, the Ladybug costume is cute, too!

  • Jill

    not really impressed by the costumes, but i'm not one for being overtly sexual even for halloween… but gosh, the model got to pose with some handsome male models 🙂

  • Goody

    i kinda like the witchy one but i am not big on wearing the oversexualized costumes like wenches with extra boobage out of doors…now indoors is a totally different story..

    but these are not giving me much…

  • Moe

    I think I like the Riding Hood one. I agree with the over sexualized point though. I think they should offer a better selection in that sense.