Review: ASSETS Unbelievable Underwear Super Control

To use shape wear or to not use shape wear…that is the question.

Well, it is the question among us body loving curvy gals! I’ve heard the debate and honestly I’m kind of confused by it.

I tell myself that I love my body in all of its glory, but I do own a pair of Spanx (pre-fat girl body acceptance) and I received this pair of ASSETS Unbelievable Underwear Super Control ($18) at the BlogHer Expo.

I was very curious to try them out and after having them for a couple of weeks, I wore them. Yes, I was still fat after I put them on. They didn’t magically erase any pounds and I was still a size 18.

But, it did help because I was wearing a dress and I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded chub rub. I can’t stand that darn chub rub! Don’t get me wrong, I did notice I was wearing shape wear, but it wasn’t like I was instantly a straight size.

The underwear did smooth out the bumpy areas and I loved how they stayed put. No rolling down or creeping up here. And there were no panty lines; that’s always a bonus. I will wear them again, but only for those tight dresses.

So, to answer the great shape wear debate question…I can’t. It’s up to you and your personal preference. But, I would like to know what you think, anonymously of course. Take my little poll below.

  • LaCara

    I don't have a problem with shapewear, I only wear it for certain occasions, like a night out, and if the dress is a little snug I'll put on my shapewear. I know I still look fat, but it helps to smooth out the lumps and bumps like you said. Shapewear is for support, and not a quick fix, so sometimes I do need that extra support, it doesn't mean I don't love my body, it's just I would like to have a smoother silhouette once and awhile.

  • Emy

    I just won a pair of shapewear through a blog giveaway and of course I'm not expecting miracles 🙂 I like to wear them under dresses so it'll smooth my figure just a bit.

  • Cyndisan

    i think i am scarred from childhood still– i thought ALL women wore those full body bathing suit girdles that were pre-spanx. thanks grandma and mom 😛

    also, i kinda feel like if i start relying on spanx i'll just throw in the towel for good. or my breathing will be too constrained since my lovely lonjitas will still be there, albeit smothered.

  • Shaniqua

    I work at Lane Bryant so we have to push SPAX… People ask me all the time if it is a thing that pulls u in and I say no. It only smooths u out. I mean I even have a girdle that I wear everyday and It DOES NOT flatten me at all… It only smooths out my tummy to one large tummy rather than like 5 (with all my rolls)lol… SO yes I wear a SPANX like piece under my clothing and that don't make me hate my body… I just want it to not go "blugga blugga" when I walk across the parking lot!!lol

  • Mary Calhoun

    I personally love my Spanx. I only wear them to avoid chub rub, or if i have something very form fitting on, and want to be smoothed out. Like you said, it doesn't change your size, it just makes clothing lay a little better against your body.

  • Cid Style File

    I bought a pair of assets footless tights at Target and actually they are my fave. They are great, they hold in the wobbly bits and don't roll down. I toss them in the washer & dryer and haven't had a run in them. I don't always wear shape wear but I feel more comfortable when I do. Although I have learned to love and accept my body I feel a bit more secure when I am wearing shape wear with certain clothes.