Handbag Delight: Rebecca Minkoff

As I walked across the BlogHer Expo, I came to an Ebay/Bill Me Later booth. That is where I saw almost every woman walk by and pick up this black leather clutch. I walked over and saw this gorgeous black Rebecca Minkoff delight. This one lady even told me it was hers, yet it wasn’t for sale. She had that look in her eye too! Now, that’s love.

You know what handbag love is right? Kind of like I LOVE these stunning Rebecca Minkoff bags and I’d eat air for a month so I can buy one. Yeah…kind of like that.

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  • Lexy

    ooooooh yes! LOVE 'em all!! The first green suede one is my fav. 🙂

  • livingindomesticity

    I am literally hurting for that last bag. I've been on the hunt for the perfect black leather bag with studs or buckles and that one is fantastic!

  • NikStar

    I'm not even a purse addict, but I will most certainly take the last one!! That's a pretty incredible looking bag. *le sigh* one of these days lol

  • Cid Style File

    loving the 1st one. i totally need a crossbody messenger bag this fall!! I am on the hunt!!

  • Rachel

    *drooling* I love them both!

  • Mo Diva

    WHAT? you mean to tell me i missed that booth??