Crystal Renn in Chanel Ad

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I came across this Chanel ad, of the beautiful Crystal Renn, on the über fab Madison Plus blog. This ad, according to The Cut, is being used for a store reopening on Spring Street in New York. While many question whether Renn is still considered a plus-size model, The Cut is questioning why they decided to crop out her body. It’s a valid point, being that Jean Paul Gaultier ad’s included her entire body in his fall campaign.

What do you think?

Is this a big deal or are some making a big deal out of nothing?

  • Raven

    i personally dont think she should be considered plus size anymore , she looks awesome though. As for the body thing i think it is a big deal, shes supposed to be representing curvy women, and shes not if there cutting out her body from the ad, i dont think people would think shes a "plus size" model unless they've heard about her before.

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    Loving this, and BOO for not showing off her amazing body!! ;P

  • Elyn

    Honestly? That seems to be the photo they wanted to get. The man is sprawled out naked, she is clutching the garment (fake fur, I hope) to try to regain some modesty. Plus, don't we see the plus bloggers complaining when plus models are always naked? Now we complain when they're not always naked? There is nothing here to make us think that they cropped her body because they didn't think it was beautiful enough, only that it wasn't the photo they wanted to use.

  • Moe

    IF it was a skinny model would anyone be asking why they cut out her body? It's a good shot.

  • silviasiantar

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