Color Inspired: Purple

I’ve been in such a “purple” kind of mood lately. It’s not a color I normally wear, but I’m starting to step out of my color “comfort zone.” I’ve always been afraid to look like Barney or something. What was I thinking? I would have to dress head-to-toe in this color to look like this pre-schooler’s idol. But, now I know I can add a splash of color without getting out of control.

What color(s) have you been hesitant about wearing? Do you wear them now?

  • Mo Diva

    i love how classy women look in white trousers or a white dress. but im REALLY afraid of white… for one, i fear staining it and 2, white would, in my mind, widen my already wide hips…
    i love the purple! i can do purple. tops though… color on my hips is limted to dark fabrics lol

  • Anika Sweetfaced Style

    I love purple! and I love your blog 🙂 xx

  • Cid Style File

    Purple is probably my #3 fave color. In my attempt to move away from always wearing black (which will prob never happen) I gravitated to purple as a alternative. Love the deep purple color, I need more of it for fall!

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    Ah,gotta love the purples. 😀

  • Moe

    LOVE that purple watch!
    My eyes can't figure out what the item is under the purple dress.