Beauty Buzz: essie’s fall collection

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Oh essie, I remember the first day we met. My best friend introduced me to you four years ago. Your delicious colors made it’s way onto my nails on the day of my wedding. My nails have never been the same. And now you come out with this rich fall collection and I love every single color? You’re too much. I guess I’ll have to wait until September 1st, to get my hands on you. Until then essie

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  • LieveMiekjuh

    WOW, beautiful colors!!
    I love the green and purple colors that are discovering the world. "Miss Sporty" (Dutch brand) showed me their colors and I already tested their army green one….fabulous on your nails! Can't wait till September 😉
    X LieveMiekjuh

  • Len

    my fingers are calling for velvet voyeur now.

  • LivinginDomesticity

    I have to get that sew psyched. They come out on my birthday too!

  • BabyFabzMom

    Oh man…now my addiction to nail polish will never go away! lol
    I need the Little Brown Dress and the Merino Cool in my life.

  • Moe

    I'm "in stitches" about velvet and little brown dress. 🙂

    Much nicer than the florescent orange currently on my toes.

  • Rachel

    yum yum! I love nail polish especially elle. I'm a mani/pedi-aholic.


  • Cid Style File

    Just saw the essie collection in one of my sept issue mags & love it. Never tried essie polish but I am loving the color merino cool…I need it!!