Bank Breaker V$. Bargain: Snakeskin Pump

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly need another pair of shoes…I start craving a pair of snakeskin pumps. Man, I have shoe issues. I have my eye on these Dolce Vita Adra Peep-Toes, but unfortunately they cost $231.95. That’s beyond my budget at this point. Let’s see what the bargain pump can do for me.

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The ‘bargain’ pump is the Madeline Gabean Peep-Toe for $32.97. Not bad, not bad.

So, is it going to be the ‘Bank Breaker’ or the ‘Bargain’ pump?

  • LaLa

    I horrible at paying full price for anything… I just refuse, I live off of second hand it's really rare when I buy something new for a store unless it's like triple mark down!! lol

  • Jules

    LOVE IT! It looks the same! Wish they came in Wide.

  • vonnie

    those "bargain" shoes are AWESOME, I think I'll get some 😀

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  • Michaniya Cunningham

    Bargain definitely, it even has a wider heel, which means it'll be more comfortable.