Video: Mini-Haul and Update

Why does YouTube capture this image as the thumbnail? LOL Anyways, I said it’s short, but it’s about 10 minutes you’ll never get back! hahahahaha…wait should I be putting down my own video? Oh well, if you can’t laugh at yourself…well you know!

  • carly

    I am bummed I am busy and can't make it to the LA shopping day. I hope you guys will have more events like this in future.

  • I love the Jessica Simpson shoes, I've been seeing her shoes everywhere and they're surprisingly awesome, wish they were available here! and the tan top is gorgeous, love it <3 Hope you guys have fun at the blogger meet up!

    p.s- kudos on the video, I'd be a stammering, nervous mess haha! I'm always curious about people's accents & voice so yay- I now know what you sound like!

  • Cid Style File

    HI Monique! Thanks for the shout out! Love your bargain finds! I need to do a video for mine too! Very excited for our shopping event too! 🙂