Style Trend: Summer Scarves

Accessories are an essential piece to any outfit. One of my favorite accessories is the multi-use scarf. Love it in all materials! This week alone I bought 2 scarves! And as I was perusing my fave blogs, I came across a few outfit posts where they accessorized with a scarf. Yes, I know it’s summer, but you can still wear them! Just make sure to stay away from the heavy materials like 100% pure wool and cashmere. I tend to lean towards the silk, cotton, and linen. FYI…I want these!

I love thrifting scarves too! They are really inexpensive and can be used in so many different ways. Have you run out of ways to wear your favorite scarf? I found this cool article from Refinery 29 “4 New Ways to Wear a Scarf.” Click on the image for detailsl.

So, what do you think about accessorizing with a scarf this summer?

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  • BabyFabzMom

    I wish I could, but it has been so hot & humid in NYC! Great post…I love scarf's.

  • Lexy

    I LOVE the summer-scarf look! Very chic and will add a pop to any outfit! thanks for that article, I can always use new ways to wear a scarf. I am dying to try the turban look!

    Great post!!

  • Goody

    I love scarves and lately especially i have been picking them up every where that i go…

    the latest came from Old Navy and were dirt cheap but are in the prettiest shades of orange and blue..

    i love that they come in a variety of fabrics so i can throw a light one on when its hella hot out and grab a heavier one when i need it on a cooler day..

  • alissa

    im all for scarves in summer! when theyre a lightweight material they can add a little something to an outfit.

  • Adrienne Rice

    I love this post! I have always been drawn to scraves, but needed more ideas on how to rock them. Now I know 🙂


  • Moe

    I picked up a bunch of scarves with the intention of wearing them this summer. I've pulled them out and put them on numerous times. Then I went "Ugh, too hot" and took them back off again. It's been to hot and humid for me to enjoy them.