Shoes…I want you.

Whenever I go shopping and I see a tank or blouse I really like, I try to buy it in a few different colors. I don’t know how that started but, it’s just something I do. Does anyone else do that? Anyways, I’ve never done that with a pair of shoes. Never. But, today I flipped through the latest Alloy catalog and I found my first pair of shoes I would consider buying in all colors available.

The Parker Wedge ($32.90)has caught my wandering eye…great…another shoe to fall in love with. There is a problem, I’ve never purchased shoes from Alloy and I am concerned of the fit. Have any of you ever purchased shoes from them? I need to know how they fit and what their quality is like before I buy them.

  • Magatha-May

    Oh they are to die for alright. Definitely the grey and black shoes for me please.

  • Lanni

    They are cute, aren't they? I was eying them when I received my catalog in the mail. I'm not a high heel person b/c of my wide feet, so I couldn't let that low looking heel fool me.

    As far as alloy shoes go, I have purchased shoes from them but they were from the brand Vans. I don't think their shoes are of the best quality. Maybe you can compare them to forever 21 or charlotte russe. Delias may be a little better because it is supposed to be its more expensive counterpart. Maybe I'm just bitter because most shoes don't fit my wide feet properly… 🙁

  • Anika

    yes please! 😀

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    oh wow! love em' I want a pair myself, they are affordable too and classic looking but still at the same time a bit edge with the uniqe heel. <3

  • Return to Sender

    Oo, Like those. Perfect winter heels!

    – Sarah

  • Curvy Confident 30-Something

    I want TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To DIE!
    in love.

    jessica kane