Shoe Fever: Steve Madden

Of course all the shoes I want are $99 and over! Somehow, the hot shoes and I are always separated. We’re kind of like Romeo and Juliet. We’re destined to be together, but other circumstances keep us apart…like no money. Except, I don’t think I would die for them. So, maybe we aren’t like Romeo and Juliet after all. See how these hot shoes mess with my mind!!

  • Magatha-May

    Those gray studded shoes are to die for – great choice.

  • jayka :)

    yummy! I l♥ve the 2nd pair!!

  • Len

    great finds. that first pair w/ the zippers are almost to die for… well, i'd take a punch in the gut for them.

  • Jayla

    I love the black platforms. I am doing a raffle on my blog for maddengirl heels sz 10 on my blog

  • Alexisaraus

    I am in love with the first and last pairs of shoes! I need i need them! I have the same problem. All of the shoes I want are around $200 and up!


  • carly

    mmmm…i love pairs 1, 3 & 5.

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    those shoes are all to die for!!!!!! <3 sucks that they have to be so pricey sometimes, however…sometimes you need to treat yourself 😉

  • Lexy

    LOVE THEM ALL! especially #2 (the orange ones). HOTTTT!

  • Alexandra

    Can I just say how much I hate you for this post? And by hate I mean love, because Steve Madden shoes are really the loves of my life, and I haven't bought any for a while (much to the pleasure of my poor little wallet). Loving that first pair.

    (And also another big sarcastic THANKS full of love for the link to the Dolce Vitas at the end of this post. My oh my, those shoes could get a girl off just by sitting there and looking pretty! Haha)

  • Moe

    Maybe more like Romeo and Juliet's cousin twice removed! I absolutely love those last ones. You seem to like the orange too. I think it should be a crime that shoes are so expensive — I want more.