Share Your Beauty Tips with Us!

Beauty trends come and go, but advice lives forever. Right? I’ll never forget the beauty advice my mom gave me as a teen. And of course I’ve read tons of beauty tips online and in my favorite magazines.

But, there are a few that I will never forget and am so grateful for. They are not only essential, but some are very basic and practical. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Use a used ‘cooled’ green tea bag for puffiness, redness, or itchy skin.
  • Try not touching your face. Your hands may have dirt and oils that will clog your pores.
  • If you run out of shaving cream, you can use hair conditioner.
  • When wearing a fragrance on your wrists, don’t rub them together. The scent can be altered.

Like I said, they are simple. Nothing too scientific here. Now, I know all beauty tips are different. Some tips work and some don’t. I know I’ve tried stuff that hasn’t worked for me. What has worked for you?

What are some of your favorite beauty tips? Share!!

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  • Weesha

    oh I have some!!
    -raw potato slices on your eyes for about 10 minutes magically lightens dark circles
    -if you have curls, never brush your hair when it's dry, it just causes frizz. Comb your hair in the shower when it's wet, preferably with conditioner in it.

  • Whitney

    Hmm let's see:
    – putting Vaseline lotion on your face daily helps keep the elasticity and bounce in your skin.

    -putting citrus on your face, i.e. lemon juice, can help reduce acne because it reduces the size of pores.

  • Irene

    I'm in my 40s and I've been using Oil of Olay (OoO) since I was 15. At 25 I started adding 12-18 little caplets of Vitamin E to my OoO bottle and I have absolutely NO (Zero) wrinkles on my face. I think this works. Now I use the OoO that has SPF 15 or 30 (whatever I find).

  • Moe

    I swear by Lipactin for cold sore breakouts. If you catch them early with this they heal up quickly.

    When using fragrances, spray lower on your body as scent rises. If it's around your head it's being wasted (unless someone has their nose in your neck, which happens).

    For soft feet it's always Vaseline(tub, not lotion) caked on with socks at night.