Love, Thanks, and Health

Did I ever tell you curvaliscious ladies how much I love ya? No? Well, I do. You are very supportive and encouraging…that’s why I love ya! Can I just take a second to thank all of you for following me here and on twitter? Thanks! I also want to thank for the comments, as you know, I love the feedback. I know I haven’t been posting a lot of outfit pics, but there are a few things going on lately and I just feel blah! (Like this one to the right…do I have a Bieber shag going on? LOL)

On a side note…I just received news from my doctor about some personal female health issues. Nothing deadly, but if I don’t take better care of myself it could lead to serious health problems. So, I’ve taken the initiative to improve my eating and fitness habits. But, I still want my curves, so I plan on working on a fitness regime that will enhance them. I am currently a size 16/18 and I wouldn’t want to go any smaller than a 12/14. That’s just me, but I do have to take care of my health first, right? I will definitely keep you updated. Ok…so now it’s off to grab a dress for tonight. I’m going out to celebrate my friends 30th birthday in Hollywood! Yay! Oh, I will definitely take pics of that outfit!
Have a blessed weekend!!

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  • thislightgetsin

    Great post, Monique. I was put in the same boat a couple of months ago after struggling since adolescence with frequent migraines and other issues. I had seen loads of doctors over the years but the last one I saw recommended cutting out gluten and start exercising and I've gone from having migraines once or twice a week to one in the last 2 months. I love my curves and I've accepted my body, but if I have to sacrifice a little of that for the incredible freedom I get from being pain free, then that's okay too. I hope it all works out for you.

  • Anika Sweetfaced Style

    take care! sending you warm thoughts xx

  • Lesa

    You look great, and I hope you are feeling better really soon. Have fun at your party. Bet you will look fab!

  • glam doll lumi

    Your health is very important! I hope you share your workout tips with us. Have a Happy Sunday!

  • Sabrina

    Health is your number one priority. I hope everything is ok.

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    YES, health goes first, we forget sometimes…but, your well being goes is important (I should take bettet care of myself for example hehe, but damn I love those chips), hope you'll feel better and reach your goals 🙂 Hugs and love!!!! bless you.

  • NikStar

    Definitely have to take care of your body hun!!! I want you around forever!! 🙂 Duh, I have to have girls to hang with when I do finally move out there lol You have my support chica!! <3

  • Rachel

    Its my pleasure! Your health comes first aboe anything. So take care and hope to hear more of your progress.

    Love the blog 🙂


  • Jill

    Your hair looks fine! And, I hope everything turns out ok with the health issues. I work out, so if you need any types on fun things to do, let me know! Yoga is my favorite… but swimming is an easy way to get a great workout.. and Zumba classes are fun, too!

  • Cid Style File

    Sad to hear you been having some health issues. But I am very glad to hear you are taking care of it and on you way to getting healthier. Wish we lived closer to each so we can be work out buddies, but if you ever need some support or a kick in the butt to get you started just let me know….LOL <3

  • Monique

    Thank you EVERYONE for the positive and encouraging comments!! You're amazing!! xoxo

  • Elizabeth a.k.a Liz

    Good Luck! Thats my mission too. Losing weight for better health. But me being Latina, the curves will never go away and proud of it!! LOL!!