Bank Breaker V$. Bargain

Most of us dream of carrying a hot designer bag on our arm. But, what if you can’t afford one? I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford those high priced beauties. I get out there and find a designer-inspired handbag. I found this gorgeous Lanvin Amalia bag, but it’s going to cost you $3,105.00 at Barney’s New York. Now, that’s a “Bank Breaker!” Scroll down to find out where the “Bargain” bag comes from.

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The “Bargain” bag is the Audrey Leatherette bag from Forever 21 and costs a whopping $22.80. It’s definitely inspired by Lanvin’s design with it’s quilted look, front pocket, and its chain and ribbon wrapped handle.

Would you buy the “Bargain” bag?

  • carly

    I actually prefer the bargain bag, I like the placement of the bow better.

  • Len

    i agree w/ carly. and the color is more versatile, too, i think.

  • Courtney

    I like the bargain bag better as well. On another note, when I first read the "Bank Breaker" part, I read it like the "Deal Breakers" line from 30 Rock.(Not sure if you're familiar with the show.) It made me giggle.

    Loving The Reflection

  • BabyFabzMom

    I really like this post and I prefer the bargain bag. $3,000 is a lil' too much to spend on a bag you might not use every day.

  • Rachel

    Suh- weet!!!

  • Elizabeth

    i prefer the bargain bag too !