Bank Breaker V$. Bargain: The Nude Pump

Who doesn’t love the classic Christian Louboutin pump? Seriously, they are on every shoe lover’s list. But, that red sole will cost you! The Simple Nude Pump costs $595 at Barney’s New York. That makes it a ‘Bank Breaker.’ Wait until you check out the ‘Bargain’ pump.

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The ‘Bargain’ pump is from Nine West. The almost identical Ambitious Pump can be found at Macy’s for $69. Compared to the Louboutins, that’s a deal! Would you rock the bargain pump?

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  • Cid Style File

    I use to hate nude color anything! I finally gave in a bought a cute pair of nude flats. It took me awhile but finally figured out how to wear them. Duh nude colors means neutral and goes with almost everything! Cute pumps! I am loving the Bank Breaker vs Bargain post!

  • Kimberly June

    I want some with a hidden platform, any bargain suggestions?

  • Monique

    @Kimberly Yes!! I saw some at Marshalls by Guess and Jessica Simpson for $39.99.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson really does make comfy shoes. I would pass on her hand bags. Got one and it broke before I even had it a week. Got a pair of nude dark pumps (my nude) from believe it or not Rainbow.