90’s Trend Comeback?

Raise your hand if you loved the 90’s! Come on! Am I showing my age here? Anyone? Well, Elle Magazine’s July 2010 issue is claiming yet another 90’s grunge comeback. Are you going to pull out your flannels? Combat boots? Floral prints? Shredded jeans? Wait…do I hear crickets? All the decades are cool, but the 90’s were one of my faves. I don’t know about you, but I like it!

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1, 2, 3, 5: ASOS
4: Dr. Martens
6, 7: New Look
8,11: Wet Seal
9, 10, 13: Forever 21
12, 16: Alloy
14, 15, 19: Evans
17: Converse
18, 21, 22, 23: Torrid
20: Simply Be
24: B&Lu

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    YAY! :)I'm all for converse, floral prints and shredded jeans 😀 😀 😀

  • Gazel M.

    Love your picks.
    Florals, knee highs and combat boots are here to stay for me.

  • Danielle

    I definitely wore a lot of vests in the 90s.


    Loved the 90's hands down!!!!!!!!!
    It was the best time of my life! I was in my late 20's-early 30's, and felt more beautiful and whole than ever. I worked in a "hippie/head shop" in the University Village and wore super distressed over-alls, black tanks with flip-flops and ANYTHING related to India as accessories! My hubs lived in flannel. Pearl Jam, Hole and Nirvana played all day long in the shop! I once fell up a flight of stair on the way to work, in a floral dress and leather hiking boots with socks, and was so proud of the scarred, bandaged knee!!! Ah… Memories!!!

  • Tiffany

    I love this post! I love the 90's. I'm glad combat boots and tacky florals are making a come back…

  • Len

    i wish cross colors, backwards clothing, and baggy pants and kids bandaids on clothes would come back…. no???…. just me???…. ok, never mind.

  • Steff

    This is super cute 🙂

  • Jaida

    I'm definitely a 90s kid and I can definitely say most of the trends you listed have definitely made a comeback and I like most of them! Especially the combat boots & floral prints!

  • Kimberly June

    I should have held onto my Doc Martins.

  • Cid Style File

    Ah the 90's how I loath thee…well not really I was a teen in the 90's, it wasn't the best time. Being a chubby teenager, who was into to fashion and not having the choices we do now in plus size clothes, it was hard to dress cute. I wore lots of mens cloths & did my grunge/madonnaish looks. I guess I kinda do miss it! LOL

  • Alyssa

    That all SCREAMS Kelly from 90210 {old school}!!