Huh? What?

Today’s topic is “What?” Yes, the entire phrase “What?” is on the table today.

I have heard many things in my day. Good things, bad things, and questionable things. But have you ever overheard someone say something about you and you just can’t help but say “What?”

I had that moment and I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you about it!

So, there I was walking out of the medical center into the parking lot. There were two older men walking about 20 feet behind me. I know they were older because they probably couldn’t hear very well, hence their loud “quiet” voice.

Older dude #1: “You see that girl right there?”
Older dude #2: “Yeah?”
Older dude #1: “She got a cute face, but she’s kinda chubby.”

WHAT? Did I just hear them say that about me? I hope that wasn’t about me…was my first thought. But, I looked around and there weren’t any other women around. So, I assume they were referring to me.

That comment left me in kind of a weird place. I don’t mind the chubby part, because I am. But, do I feel good about being cute or do I feel confused because they only think my face is cute? Besides, I don’t do very well with compliments. I guess they do boost the good ol’ self esteem sometimes, but I don’t know how to take this one. The dudes were kinda creepy too.

Moral of the story…keep your “What?” comments to yourself or at least wait until you’re in the car to say them out loud. You’ll just leave me confused.

What’s your favorite or worst “What?” comment you’ve ever heard?

  • LaLa

    one thing I've about a man (boy) who thinks someone is cute by ONLY there face, is just a waste of time! So don't! 😉 seriously you are a gorgeous women, all of you! I gotten that line MANY time, the cute but could be cuter minus some pounds, well guess what buddy I could lose weight but you can't lose UGLY or being a LOSER! lol seriously grow up, women have more to them there their face! love ya girl

  • Annissa

    Geez, what a weird thing to say. Not to mention rude, of course.

  • Jayla

    It's funny how you posted about this. I was watching a Betty Boop cartoon with my son. She was singing about keeping your girlish figure and got on an eliptical machine and was skinny like Olive Oil from Popeye. Then all of a sudden she got huge. Then everyone was laughing and the end of the song said something like and when you get big and fat just laugh.

    Just Laugh honey, you know you are hot, dirty ass skeezy men who wish they had a woman and don't have one are the first to say sumthin dumb!!!

  • Love + Marriage

    God, this type of thing always takes me back to being made fun of in middle school. I hate it! I think you had a good response but seriously this pisses me off. I probably would have turned around and mouthed off (not so cute am I?).

  • Cid Style File

    Been there, to girl! I don't know why ppl think they can make rude comments like that. Especially men! Like really just because they are older do they feel it's ok? Well I know you said you not good with compliments, but do take it as a compliment! You are a beautiful woman inside & out. I have learned to shut out strangers comments or thoughts about me, if the person not an important part of my life (friend, family or my bf) then it just rolls off my back. Life is too precious & short to care about every little comment said about us. If your happy with yourself & so is your hubby that's all that should matter!

  • Moe

    DH and I were on vacation a few years ago and walking down the street hand in hand. We walked passed three middle aged men getting out of a red corvette and they fell in line behind us. I heard, "wow" and a chuckle and the hair on my arms stood up. Then it was followed by one of them saying, "I guess somebody has to love them too." I was speechless. (DH didn't hear).

    After the fact, years later I wish I had turned around and said, "Hey, guys, have you looked in a mirror? You're three old guys berating the fat woman and her husband while you guys are hanging out with yourselves and your thinning hair!". I wish I had said it, but I never would say something like that. A/ Because I try to have respect for other human beings (I may not always be successful but at least I try). And B/ No, I think A pretty much says it all.

    As you might have guessed those few words still bother me where as they have probably never given me another thought. The things we do to ourselves.

  • Loulou

    Yikes. The one which sticks out for me was on a night out, a bunch of guys walked past me and literally yelled, "Nice tits love, shame about the rest of you." If there hadn't been five of them, and I hadn't been alone, I might have took that on.

    Anyways! It's genuinely not worth bothering about; sad narrow-minded people aren't deserving of any angst whatsoever. Just laugh it off and remind yourself they don't know what they're missing.

  • Em. x.

    You are TOTALLY cute.

    End. Of. Story.


  • Len

    you are cute! at any size… comments like that and men like that are a dime a dozen… just brush it off your shoulders and move on.

  • Aria

    have had similar comments, "you look great, if only you lost … kilos" they will actually tell you how much weight you need to lose in order to meet their standards. I usually reply something such as "you too, if only you were 20 years younger, or 20 cm taller …

  • jayka :)

    i think it's funny that dudes (and sometimes other females) think its okay to just go around talking about other peoples looks ESPECIALLY right in front of them.

    dudes are crazy, and most of the ones that have something to say are pretty creepy and nasty looking… lol

    love you girl, your cute face, curvy body, and sexy brain.

  • BabyFabzMom

    I hate when men do that! I have gone through the same situations, especially with family. I was slimmer, but after I had my son I certainly don't look how I use to. It does bother me most of the times, but if you feel confident about yourself, then who cares about what people think! You are beautiful no matter what.

  • Irresistible♥Icing

    What a bunch of jerks!!!! Unfortunately, I've heard that before too 🙁

  • Good Girl Gone Shopping

    One time I had that "what?!" wearing hot pink heels and a bright green sweater, and I guy behind me in line starting singing the FAME theme song. I was like is he making fun of me? But he had to cause there was no one else in line. I was like whhaaaat…whatever! It was funny, but so unnecessary and rude. He obviously was making fun of my 80s-inspired outfit…lol…

  • Anika

    "… well, at least you`re face looks thin!" that helpful comment from a "friend" is one of top of the pops that I`ve been told. or, and this is a good one, "at least you are fat in a thin way." Wow"! Really!¤#%#&?

    honey, these things are not easy, but for me it`s like this, I am trying to be the best me I can be, and being plus size is one of the aspects of me, one that I am learning to love and celebrate. Feedback, good or bad, can be hard to handle, but if we at least know and love who we are we can take both. That said, you are beautiful!!! <3

  • Some Chilean Woman

    I've been told 'your face looks thin' too! Morons.

    I think you're beautiful, those guys only dream of handling a woman with curves.