Blogger Q&A: Letizia

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Le blog de Letilor
Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

I am a big fan of Jean Charles de Castelbajac. I love color, eccentric and unique things, I might even add bizarre things lol. My dream is to, one day, fit into on of his creations, definitely customized into my size !!

What is the one fashion accessory/item you can’t live without?

I really love hair accessories like a headbands, a cute little hair clips or a little bow tie. I do wear them often; it is a simple gesture, but it does add up a little extra something to the whole outfit.

If you were allowed to create a beauty product, what would it be and what would you name it?

Without any doubt, it would be a lipstick!! I love wearing lipstick that have a beautiful red or pink vividness. Therefore, I would create a color close to this two tones. I would manufacture a collection of classic lipsticks, but also another collection with more unique tones, without leaping into the ridiculous, of course !! As for a name, honestly I can’t really say.

If you only had 10 minutes to pack for a fashion extravaganza in your favorite city, what would you bring and where would it be?

If I had so little time, I would take my lovely black jacket, a pair of high heels, my pixel dress, my flounce dress and my inevitable little black dress. I’ll decide what to wear on the spot and in any case I think I’ll buy a lot of things once I get there !! Same for the accessories and the makeup, I would pick those of best value and use, and I’ll get the rest from there. As for the city, I would choose LONDON, because I have never been there and I’d do lots of shopping!!

Do you live by a fashion philosophy or quote? What is it?

My philosphy is to wear what we love, to find ourselves in a style that makes us happy and not to refrain ourselves from unique things, not necessarily in fashion. The most important thing is to feel great and hapyp in whatever we decide to wear!

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  • Cid Style File

    Love to read these blogger Q&A it gives a good sense of the blogger. I love the answers they are so insightful and fun to read.

  • carly

    Cute interview. will definitely be checking out her blog 🙂

  • Letizia is fantastic, she was one of the first plus size blogs I started to follow! I love her fashion philosophy <3