Beauty Buzz: Benefit Lip Gloss

It is officially summer! Are your lips ready? Yeah, I said lips. You know you need to keep them hydrated. Why not add a colorful Benefit lip gloss to your makeup bag while you’re at it. I love these shimmery colors for summer. I can’t choose just one!

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  • Anika

    Oh honey, I want the pink on top to the right! 😀 actually, scratch that, I want them all! Happy summer sweetie!

    xx Anika

  • Alyssa

    benefit lipglosses make my heart sing with joy!!
    actually anything benefit makes my heart happy. especially eye bright… and that foundation in the record player… and the eye shadow set that teaches you how to do smokey eyes… and bad girl lash… ok so i have alot of benefit stuff! 🙂

  • applesnpears

    Benefit is my absolutely fave, I cant go a day without my coralista blush. I think I like the second from the top on the left the best!

  • curvykatie

    I love benefit, I have been on a kick for about a year, and I have started quite the collection. I tried a couple of these colours on at Sephora last week and they are absolutely gorgeous!
    ps. Your blog is great, I've added you to my blog roll!