Why Anthropologie?

Anthropologie…why? Why must you have the most beautiful accessories and shoes that I can’t afford? I think you’re purposely trying to torture me.

  • Maria

    girl who are u telling!! i feel the same way!

  • Gazel M.

    Get out of my mind! 😛 haha. I feel the same way about Anthropologie..

  • Annissa

    I know, right? Anthropologie drives me crazy in that way.


  • Alyssa

    oh gosh i just fell in LOVE with that hat. then rushed to the website and my little heart was CRUSHED at the price. sigh.

  • Sarah

    DAMN YOU ANTHROPOLOGIE! I have been coveting a comforter of there's for like a year now Bella Hothouse Bedding…le sigh.

    Sarah @ http://www.tabayag.com

  • Lexy

    tell me about it! Everything I want from Anthro will probably only be on my 'wishlist'. So expensive but SOOOOOOOO unique and beautiful! Especially the shoes and handbags.

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  • Who’s Lipstick Is It?

    Don't even get me started lol!
    I could easily spend a small fortune on their accessories, oh hell i could even spend loads on door knobs and drawer handles there too…

  • Monique

    It's so disheartening isn't it! lol Glad you all feel the same way!!